Reefing line in boom

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Reefing line in boom

Postby jfishburne » Thu May 26, 2022 6:32 pm

I bought my C26 from a man who never raised the sails (weird!). I know that there is a cord that runs from the gooseneck back and partially through the boom, but I have don't know how to rig it or use it. I need your expert knowledge or there won't be any reefing in my future :0(

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Re: Reefing line in boom

Postby brigadoon » Fri May 27, 2022 2:43 pm

If you go to the documents section and peruse the rigging notes rhere is a picture showing how to rig the boom. You can also go on line and google reffing , you will see more than one solution. Do not go out until you know how to reef. Over powering you boat can cause loss of controll and possibly tear sails. Experienced sailors (not me) say reef early and reef often. Also, I know we have all these indexed sections but they seem to be frequently over looked. Try posting in the general discussion section for more response. Good luck.
Rick, SV Brigadoon

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