Booomvang configuration on Lone Star 16

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Booomvang configuration on Lone Star 16

Postby LoneStar16Sailor » Mon Oct 19, 2015 7:33 am

I just bought an old Lone Star 16 and it is missing a few minor parts. The previous owner showed me how to set up the fixed rigging but he had a few things in error in the sailing rigging.

I figured out that the main sheet is intended to originate at a deadend eye strap on the boom, run through a port side block, across the transom, through starboard block, up to a block on the end of the boom and forward along the boom and down to deck cam cleat.

The boomvang line has a small ball swage on the end that slides into a slotted bracket under the middle of the boom. It is missing a block assembly and I'm not sure how it is intended to be secured at the end.

Anybody have one of these and have a manual or diagram?

We have several weeks of warm to cool weather left here in Missouri when the wind blows a lot and I'd like to get her out on the water.

Thanks. Bill

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