C22 rigging with modifications

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C22 rigging with modifications

Postby Elfkin0Doom » Mon Aug 23, 2021 12:58 pm

Hello and I hope someone can help me with the rigging issues I've been having with trying to straighten out my rigging and sails.
I have recently purchased a c22 with a furler as well as a pigtail on the port side of the boom.. these modifications seem after market and so I am not getting much out of the manuals. I am actually trying to get a grasp on how to even correctly attach the boom arm through the gooseneck to the boom, because of the pigtail, and rig the boat. I am trying to get in touch with anyone who would have information for me and was wondering if you could give me some advice about how your boom attachmentprocess works.
I purchased the boat from a third party website that didn't provide me with any details about it. I have raised the mast and am currently motoring my sailing vessel in the Michigan area and would love some advice. If you or anyone else has any information on rigging a c22 with a furler attached or a pigtail on the oom arm please let me know
Elaynag86 @gmail

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