1969 lone star 16 help

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1969 lone star 16 help

Postby ZachDobo » Thu May 28, 2015 12:41 pm

Hello everyone,
I just recently purchased a lone star I've been restoring and I'm missing a couple parts. First things first I'm trying to figure out how the stays for the mast attach to the boat as I only have that cable stays. There are mounting plates on the deck of the boat for the stays but not sure if the use a small tang with adjusters or is it a turnbuckle. For the side and forestay.
Next question is I'm also missing the spreaders for the mast. Does anyone know how long they are or where I can get replacements?
Last question is what size spinnaker goes on this boat and was it asymmetrical or symmetrical, and should I switch for any reason.
Any help or pictures would be greatly appreciated as I can't seem to find parts for this craft anywhere. Thank you -Zach-

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Postby Anhinga » Tue Jun 02, 2015 4:04 pm

Hi Zach. Shroud attachments to the boat would be dictated by whatever is on the end of the cable. If there are threads on the end then that would call for a turnbuckle. More often then not small boats use a "channel adjuster". Google RONRF2330 for an example of these. Turnbuckle adjusters are very overkill on a small craft and they don't allow quick adjustments for tuning.

The spreader question is much more difficult. Maybe someone here will stop by. Do you have the spreader bases? The final length isn't that precise but they need to be long enough to get the shrouds tight but not so much as things break. If the old ones wee round you might be able to fab up some models out of wood dowel and after much trial and error commit to the found length in aluminum.

Your boat uses a 164 SF spinnaker. This is from:


Good luck!

Jim K

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Postby LoneStar16Sailor » Wed Mar 02, 2016 12:34 pm

I have a complete 1969 LS 16 with original rigging (or at least it looks what is shown in the diagrams on the manual I found on here).
I have photos of everything.

The side stays (port and starboard shrouds) are attached to the deck with a an adjustable bracket that has about 8 holes that a clevis type pin goes in.
The forestay has a turnbuckle.

As I have been able to figure out, the shrouds are slightly aft of the mast mounting point and when the mast is pulled forward with the turnbuckle it pulls the mast forward and pulls on the shrouds to tighten them.

If you have a partner, you can tune the rigging by mounting it and attaching all shrouds and the forestay. Then have the helper hold the mast while you remove the forestay and run the turnbuckle almost all the way out. Adjust the pin bracket on both of the shrouds (port and starboard) until they are tight when the mast is pushed into the upright position. Then, it seems to me that you would want to move the pins one hole more to shorten the shrouds to the next shortest position. Then reattach the forestay and tighten the turnbuckle until both shrouds are lightly tightened.

Ideally, I'm thinking that the mast should then be in an almost upright position but slightly tilting back toward the stern. You can keep detaching the forestay and shortening the shrouds (port and starboard) and reattaching the forestay until all three shrouds are tight and the mast is tilting slightly back toward the stern.

That is my thinking on tuning the standing rigging.

My mast spreaders are just a couple of pieces of aluminum tubing with a notch in the end to run the cable through and then they are held in place with a couple of cotter pins.

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