Dagger Mast Step

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Dagger Mast Step

Postby Paul T » Sat Jun 13, 2015 5:56 pm

I just purchased a Dagger and, like others in this forum, no mast Step. I saw the picture in the Dagger brochure, but it's faded, not very good. Got the idea of what original step should be, so...

1) Does/can anyone have a picture of Dagger step they can post, preferably with a scale or tape measure in picture so I can rough idea of dimensions.

2) Has anyone used alternative step with good success and easy to step? The oak step shown in a previous post was interesting.

3) Anyone put a tabernacle on?

I've got a couple of ideas for this myself, was wondering if the step is a flat plate or is there an angle built in. Not looking for killer performance, Dagger instructions say you should see 7 deg mast rake, so curious if some of rake comes from an angled step or some prebend from shrouds.

Any help greatly appreciated, all I have now is bare f/g spot and 4 empty bolt holes. Mast base appears to be stock, has the slot for step and halyard hole.


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