Need Dagger Help (Again)

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Paul T
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Need Dagger Help (Again)

Postby Paul T » Mon Jun 15, 2015 5:13 pm

Need some help on Chrysler Dagger.
1) As mentioned in previous post the boat does not have a mast step. From Documents and checking the rectangular locating hole on mast bottom, I've sketched out a design that may work. But...

If anyone has a picture of the Dagger mast step, really appreciate it if you can post it.

2) Mast/Boom does not have gooseneck. End plate on boom just has approx 7/16" dia hole. Tang for attaching gooseneck to mast w/ 1/4" pin still there.
Have a question about this - Is the gooseneck same as a Laser - just a pin that goes into hole on boom?

I've got an idea on using a traditional gooseneck, would like to see a picture of original if anyone can post this.

Not afraid of work here, I can get the parts and fabrication of step done for low money; would like to see pics of others.


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Postby Anhinga » Mon Jun 15, 2015 8:23 pm

Hi Paul. I think the "low step" buccaneers had a similar setup. There might be enough cross pollination to make it worth a post to the Buccaneer group on Facebook looking for parts or info. I think the bulk of the Mutineer folks live on Yahoo. The boats have similar rigging so maybe thee as well? Boats get parted out on the Facebook list every now and again, maybe you can find the part you need there.

Sorry, can't help on the gooseneck. My only pin type gooseneck was on an ODay 22 and that pin was secured inside the boom casting for an around the boom furling setup and wouldn't come out of the casting.

All the best!


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Postby PhacopsRana » Tue Jul 21, 2015 7:53 am

I'll get on these photos for you. If you have a second for a similar request, I'm looking for a drain plug. I just bought a dagger from a camp across town and the drain plug fell out during transport. Any suggestions on a replacement? I tried a generic 1 inch off of amazon, it is too big.

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