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cast the lines off at last !

Posted: Tue May 11, 2004 10:04 am
by EmergencyExit
After months of elbow grease and repairs, we enjoyed a short shakedown out to Lake Ponchartrain...

A few pics are at:

click on "May 09, 2004".


Posted: Wed May 12, 2004 4:40 pm
by Rich
Way to go. Nice pictures too.

I'd love to get a Chrysler 26 myself, the C22 is just a bit on the small side for my family.

So, did everything go well with your cruise? What was the wind like? Details friend, details. Some of us are sitting here miles from the water and need some way to get out on the water if only in our minds. :lol:

Posted: Thu May 13, 2004 4:34 am
by EmergencyExit
No too much to tell, really. We only had enough time to motor down the bayou into the lake, catch a little wind near the inlet, and check the standing and running rigging. EE was sitting in the water unattended/unmaintained for a couple of years, so it was mostly a powered mini-shakedown. We just set that little kicker at quarter throttle and puttered along. Winds were still light at 9 in the morning, normally are SE 5-10 around here.

Tell you what, go to:
search for Bonfouca, La and you can get the aerial view of the marina and the trip to Point Du Chien and follow along !

Planning a day trip out in a few weeks, will give you the full scoop then..