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Rudder post

Postby WayneL » Fri Jun 11, 2004 3:00 am

The rudder post came apart from the rudder at some point. I took apart the rudder, breaking most of the stainless bolts, including the 1/2" bolt in the center. Then I sanded it down. It needs patching along the edge and some filling, but it's almost ready for painting.

Could not remove the tiller mount, nor the collar in the cockpit. So, with tiller attached and some big-time brute strength, got the rudder post pulled up through the top. Not so much fun.

My question is: Is there a collar like the top one which fits to the lower end of the rudder shaft? (I should have dove down before jerking it up the last time, I know.)

If there is, any ideas where I can find a replacement? Alternatives? Will there be a lot of play without?

I assume the rudder post comes up through the bottom, as the rudder is welded to the post. Not too sure how the rudder pivots, as the center bolt doesn't rotate around something, but simply seems to hold the plates against the rudder. The eight or so smaller bolts may provide a roller kind of arrangement, but again, against what?

I also assume there are no pieces missing, as I doubt the rudder has ever been taken apart.



Rudder diagram

Postby SteveS » Fri Jun 11, 2004 6:18 am

In the How-To section of the Chrysler Sailing Association's web site there is an article on replacing the Chrysler 22 rudder assembly. I haven't seen a Chrysler 26, but the intro says the instructions should work for other Chrysler sailboats with a simular rudder configuration including the C20 and C26. You can find it here. There is no mention of a collar on the rudder below the hull, and neither of my C22s have one.

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Rudder Post Repair

Postby Sailboy22 » Wed Jun 16, 2004 6:12 pm

I have a C22 that i am just in the process of repairing the rudder post and through-hull. I have come up with what i think will be a long term sound solution but i thought i would look on the Chrysler Owners site to see if i could see what was original "factory" design as my C22 has been field "modified". I would be happy to share what i have put together with any other owners out there... maybe an improvement or a better idea?

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Postby dybis » Wed Jun 16, 2004 10:39 pm

I have a C22 with a fixed keel ("converted" from swing keel). I have fixed the rudder. Since it is expensive for me to take her out of the water, I had to be sure to make it right at the first try. I repeaired the rudder as done in "how to pages", and I put a pipe around the whole thing on the outside. I cut the pipe open, and then wrapped it around the rudder post. The pipe is about 3 inches thick. I then used epoxy to fasten it to the boat and repeair the cut for opening the pipe. This mean I have double protection. My boat is in the water most of the year.

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Postby dybis » Thu Jun 17, 2004 1:56 pm

I can take some photos later, but actually they won't show much. I can try to go a little more in detail. As I said, do as the how-to pages say. Then the next stages I did:

1. Clean up the area surrounding the rudder post with acetone or some other chemicals that removes wax.
2. Sand the same area so it is not polished
3. Buy a pipe, I used a pipe intended for sewerage, about 4 inches, plastic. I paid about us$20 for 1 meter (3 feet)
4. Clean the pipe with acetone (these pipes contains a lot of wax, this step is important).
5. Sand the end of the pipe
6. With a saw (I used a compass saw) cut the pipe open. I cut it open in zig zag pattern to have a longer joint when fixing it later
7. Cut the proper length of the pipe, it should be as long as possible, this is important otherwise it might be below the water line of the boat and of no use
8. Wrap the pipe around the rudder. This is a little tricky, but I inserted some plastic cups in the pipe to keep it open and finally got it around. I made the pipe slightly smaller so the walls lies against each other and make a nice surface to connect together ("rolling" it togeter)
9. Fasten the pipe to the boat. Make sure the rudder is in the middle in top and buttom. I only put some cheap epoxy around. I will soon improve this by using som fiber matts and eopoxy. It will make it MUCH stronger.

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Postby Rich » Thu Jun 17, 2004 6:30 pm

I'd like to see how your conversion from swing to fixed keel worked out. Does the boat point better now?
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Postby dybis » Fri Jun 18, 2004 1:16 am

The previous owner bought the boat with no keel. He made a keel himself, and attatched this to the boat. I have never been in a Chrysler with a standard swing keel or standard fixed keel. The keel on my boat is as long as a swing keel (it has a looong draft). She sails fine (5-6 knots), but heels easily.

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Postby dybis » Mon Jun 21, 2004 10:48 am

This is the pipe enclosing the rudder hull through..

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