Outboard and waves

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Outboard and waves

Postby dybis » Sun Jul 25, 2004 11:30 pm


I have just returned after 14 days holidays in my Chrysler C22. At some time I got into quit rough weather. I have a Johnson 9.9 outboard with long shaft. The waves where picking up, they were very steep, and the sea was boiling (Norten Atlantic coming in with no protection from left side). The wind was maybe about strong breeze, straight ahead. Did not want to sail because there are lots of rocks, and have to navigate precisily. The problem was that the propeller of the outboard started spinning in the air, and in the next second the whole outboard was almost below water. The outboard got wet and I lost 50% power after a while. I tried to steer away from the biggest waves, but not easy, no structure in the waves, and I ended up with waves coming into the cockpit. Do you have the same problem with outboard getting close to/under water? How many knots do you have with the outboard? I have about 5, but then the outboard is getting close to the water. Maybe I should drill new holes and raise it by some inches. It will create more spinning in the air, but the outboard will keep dry. Or maybe I should not get out when the weather is like that. Or maybe I have loaded the Chrysler with too much weight aft. When I got back to the closest harbour (the smalest genua easly gave 5.5 knots all alone) there were many other sailboats that had turned and given up as well, amoung them a 43 feet sailboat on the way to Svalbard (as far north as it is possible to sail, not to far to North Pole). For some reason they have noticed us sailing and was eagor to speak with us, maybe because of the ski glasses to keep all the salt water away from the eyes, and the "small" boat.


Postby SteveS » Mon Jul 26, 2004 12:42 pm

I understand your problem, I ran into a very simular situation a couple of weeks ago. Winds about 30 knots and a three foot chop. Everytime time the bow went down into a trough the propeller would spin in air, when the stern went down water would wash high on the engine, occasionally completely submerging it momentarily. I'm using the original 1975 Chrysler Sailor 150 (6 hp) that came with my boat. The motor didn't drown, I guess the Chrysler engineers knew what they were doing with that one little breathing hole in the case, but before I could make harbour the propeller hub started slipping and I couldn't get enough power to make way against the wind and waves. With the six hp I needed at least 3/4 throttle to make any headway and I guess the repeated reving up in the air then splashing down was just too much strain. If you find an answer let me know... I still working on one. I'm looking into getting a mount with several locking points, so the engine height can be adjusted, and a larger extra long shaft motor.

Does anybody here have experience with the newer 4 stroke motors? I worry about the extra weight of going up to something like a 9.9 hp honda (nearly double the weight of the original motor).

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