So, where do you sail?

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So, where do you sail?

Postby selah » Tue Mar 18, 2003 12:22 pm

An important goal of this board is to create a sense of community amongst Chrysler Sailors, as well as exchange useful information. So in keeping with that, here's a few questions to answer.

First off, where do you sail?

How long have you owned your Chrysler?

What other boats have you owned?

How many are in your crew?

For my part, I have been a Chrysler 22 since I was built in 1977, however my new Skipper Rich and his family adopted me in October of 2002. I have been sailing in the Puget Sound for most of my life, my Skipper just started sailing in the South Puget Sound a few years ago. I am berthed in a small Marina near Hope Island called Carlyon Beach Marina. My skipper named me Selah in November, before that none of my previous skippers had cared enough to give me a name. I like my new name, it is Hebrew, from the Psalms and it is a poetic notation used to note a time to pause and think about what was just said.

Before me, Rich and his family owned a 1969 Venture 17 given to him and his family by his father a couple years ago. He also owns a 10' drift boat, and a pontoon fly fishing raft. Rich also has had experience in windsurfing, sailing aboard his parents Catalina 30, and ealier thier Catalina 25, as well as several other boats his family had while he was growing up.

There are four in my crew, Skipper Rich, his First mate and wife Christine, and their two young hands, Morgan age 3 (soon to be 4) and Ryland age 2.

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I sail in Puget Sound too!

Postby bernina27 » Wed Mar 19, 2003 12:56 pm

Hi, my name is Susan, I just bought my C22 last Thursday. She's at the Brownsville marina. I belong to the Peninsula sailing club and saw her for sale down at the marina. It's not definite but I think I'll name her the "Vintage III". My family had an O'day about 25 years ago, and that was the Vintage II.

I've been sailing a sunfish about 22 years, I still have it here in WA but it gets a little chilly. I sail C Larks at my club, and crewed for a few months on a J120 out of Seattle. I took the navy sailing course in Newport RI (I'm a RI'er), and sailed a few small boats there.

The C22 I bought was very dirty and neglected. We (my crew/ friends Chris and Dan) had a cleaning party last Sun. She looks great now. There are a lot of little things I'll be changing. Well paint the skid areas dark blue instead of light blue. The previous, previous owner had installed household light bulb fixtures on the ceiling in the cabin. Sure enough I smashed my head on the bulb :idea: !!! Those are going. There are a lot of screws coming into the cabin that are way too long and I'm sure my head or shoulder will end up on one before I get a chance to cut them down or replace them with a shorter one. The original teak companionway hatch has been replaced with a peice of plywood painted white. Dan will make a new teak one. I already bought new fabric to recover the cushions. Can anyone give me some help on the dining area placement? They were all in a heap when I bought the boat. I am not sure which goes where or if I even have all of them.

I printed out the owners manual from the Chrysler Sailing Association. That is great! I have a lot of the options including the pop top. I hope to get a spinnaker and pole. Does anyone know what other sails might fit this boat? There is a Santana 20 set of sails in the buy and sell this week. I am pretty sure I have the original sails.

Well I am thrilled to own my first "big" boat. Please enlighten me with any improvements or advice you have about your 22!!

Winds willing......Susan

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My boat

Postby choyado » Wed Mar 19, 2003 1:40 pm

Hi my name is jeremiah and I've owned my boat for about a year, its a 77' chrysler 22 fixed keel. I bought her on a lien sale from a marina in San Pedro. I only paid $900 but she was missing the rudder and needed alot of work. I built a trailer for her and now have it here near my house so i can work on her more often. I still havent taken her out but I'm planing on having her ready this summer at the latest. I plan on taking her to Catalina island on weekends and mabe for a week at a time in the summer. I may even try sailing to some of the other channel islands.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma

Postby scubabreeze » Thu Mar 20, 2003 7:22 pm

I've owned my '77 Chrysler 26 for 1 year now. I named her 'Chejeneli' which is a combination of the first 3 letters of my 3 daughters names. I keep her on Oologah Lake which is 30 miles North of town. She's my first sailboat, although I did sail Hobie Cats in my teenaged years. I'm a scuba diver, hence the nickname 'Scubabreeze.' I'm planning on moving to the Caribbean to live full time on a sailboat. My goal is to do this in 5 years. I got into sailing as the most economical way to accomplish my goal of living in the Caribbean, but found that I truly loved it!

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Postby CapnDan » Fri Mar 21, 2003 8:28 pm

I purchased SuiteSpot, my C22 5 years ago. I dry-sail on Stockton Lake in Missouri. I share ScubaBreeze's plan but I still have my last couple of 11 kids to raise so will probably take a while to cast off to the islands. Lived in Fla 25 years ago and might relocate there in several years. I sail with any combination of my kids. Wife is last to go. With all my kids and grandies I have determined that a month at Stockton each summer is the best way for me. Accomadations, wind and location are excellent but the heat is a bust. Let me know Scuba if you need crew for a reconnoiter!
CapnDan, C22
Stockton Lake, Mo


Postby phroxis » Sun Mar 23, 2003 10:09 am

This is the third season for me and my 1979 C22. It sat on it's trailer for about four years before I bought it; the marina seized it for back yard bills! Needless to say, it was a real mess. Restoration, though fun, is slow. I sail, mostly alone, on Lake Clarke, the part of the Susquehanna river behind Safe Harbor dam/power plant. At 35 minutes from home, it's very handy; I get to sail three or four times a week during the April through October season.

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Postby edjeep » Sun Mar 23, 2003 6:29 pm

Hey there, I'm a proud owner of a 1972 C22 which I have so far only sailed on the Columbia river in Portland.

I purchased the boat through Ebay which worked out well. Of course with a find like that you can count on some elbow grease. Between October 2002 and June 15, 2002 (first launch day) I focused on getting the old girl ship shape. The previous owner had removed all deck hardware and interior finishing from the boat in preparation for an overhaul and painting.

Some damage had occured to the starboard side cockpit coming which required some fiberglass work. Glass, sand, fair. (Looks pretty good now.) I installed new and enhanced chainplates for standing rigging attachment. Filled nicks, through holes, cracks and everything on the deck and reapainted the deck, cockpit and cabin ceiling. By that time it was time to get the boat in the water.

I pulled her in October so I could do some keel repair (rust removal) and a bottom job. My tidbit of advice regarding keel repair is this. Of all the methods for removing rusted crust from the keel, I found the air chisel the be the most effective. I just went to West Marine today and picked up the paints, primers and fillers to finish the job. I hope to have her back in the water in about a month (no date set yet!)

I expect this years sailing to be all the better. Not only because the boat is in better shape, but because me and my first mate took an ASA Basic Keelboat class during the winter. I can only imagine how much fun this will be when we know what we're doing! :!:

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Postby aldan78 » Mon Mar 24, 2003 1:54 pm

well i bought my '78 chrysler 22 3 years ago through an online classified. and after a 7 hour drive to Ames Iowa i bought it and hauled it back to North Platte i sailed it the first year without doing anything to it. that winter i rewired it, bottom and topside paint, cosmetic work inside, rebuilt the trailer, and new sails and rigging.

well i usually sail lake McConaughy in western Nebraska. unfortunatly due to the drought the lake has been getting lower every year. last year the launch ramps dried up in late july. i'm not sure if i'll be able to get it in the water at all this year :cry: . i might have to settle for sailing my hobie 14 all summer since i can launch it off the beach.

i have all kinds of crew, it's usually whoever i can find. most of my friends have been sailing with me, my parents, and my sister have been too. I'm gonna teach my fience to sail this summer. i hope she'll still marry me after the experience :D lol. well that's about it i'm gonna get a picture posted soon. thanks for starting this board it's soooo much better than yahoo.

Ferrari 360 GTC history
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Where I sail...

Postby JKBedford » Fri Mar 28, 2003 4:57 pm

Greetings, we've owned our '77 C26 for almost a year now. Although I've been sailing on a relative's Grampian 26 for nearly 27 years, my wife's second sail (in her life) was last summer aboard our newly acquired C26. It was quite an experience - I have the GPS plot to prove it! We sail out of Penetanguishene, Ontario Canada. Penetanguishene is located at N 44 47.3468 W 79.591260, better known as Dutchman's Cove Marina on beautiful Georgian Bay. Our crew is rounded out by our 10 year old twins, Carolyn and Chloe and our junior navigator Claire, who is 5. We're thinking of christening our boat the 3-Cs this summer.

We have many hours of work ahead of us this season since we merely made the ship seaworthy before launching 1 week after purchasing her last summer. We'll be repainting the topsides as well as below the waterline... doing something with the vinyl wall coverings inside the cabin, replacing the carpet (anyone know how to lay the teak/holly??), rewiring the entire DC system (what a mess!), replacing the port lights (was thinking of enlarging the holes and using actual opening port lights by Beckson/Lewmar)... oh and one last thing, resealing the toe rail (it leaks like a sieve on the starboard side!). Other niceties this year would be roller furling as well as a proper marine head (as opposed to the porta-potty). Gee - will we have anytime to sail? You bet! I can't wait!

Barrie, Ontario CANADA

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Postby jim_dorton01 » Thu Jun 17, 2004 8:15 am

Hi, mine is kind of an interesting story of how I ended up owning my chrysler 22. I developed the sailing bug about 2 years ago when a guy at work asked me to help crew with him for the weekly race on Lake Erie. After that experience, I had to have a boat. My first child would be attending college soon and I didn't think it appropriate to take his college money( what littlel there was) and buy a boat. So I started looking for a deal. I recently came across a boat on the internet less that 5 miles form my house. This was in itself a shocking discovery because I had been finding boats in my price range ( boat, motor, trailer $1,200 to $1,500) but all of them a 3 days journey to bring them home. The first time a shortened my search area to something more reasonable this was the first boat to pop up. When I called the lady whp was selling the local boat, I found out that it was not in fact for sale but she was giving it away. It had been setting for 10 years and she was tired of looking at it. I then sent my sailing buddy to look at it, after all I didn't need a boat that I was eventually going to have to pay some one to take away. He said that if I didn't take it he was going to. So I'm the very proud owner of a Chrysler 22 named "PawPrints". I am still in the process of cleaning and caulking but plan to have her in the water by mid-July, where we will sail in the Western basin of lake Erie.

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Postby bernina27 » Thu Jun 17, 2004 8:57 am

What a great story, congratulations!!! This site is a wealth of knowledge and information, be sure to ask away and contact me personally if you wish.

I was offered a boat for free, but when I went to look at it down at the dock, it was 1/2 full of water, the starboard window was broken, etc etc. Bummer. I had been lead to believe it was a 'hidden treasure' -sleek fast racer. What a tub! The interior was wood too which has been sitting in that water for who knows how long.

The question then becomes, how do you dispose of a boat that no one would even take for free?

Happy sailing!

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Postby EmergencyExit » Thu Jun 17, 2004 1:45 pm

We bought our 1979 C26 in November of 2003 from the marina as a lien seizure. She had been abandoned by her previous owners for a year and a half, and we felt it appropriate to rechristen her. I have a high pressure job, my wife has a high pressure job, plus she is finishing her Phd work at night. We currently have two houses a hundred and fifty miles apart due to work, and I'm home on weekends. Between us we have 6 adult children and 1 ten year old (mine). Thus the name. She is our "Emergency Exit" when the fires get too hot. A lot of elbow grease has of course gone into the girl, and a lot of love as well. Since her former owners apparently walked away from her, I never leave her without patting her on the bow, and telling her "I'll be back soon, old girl. I promise".

We sail from the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain near New Orleans. In fact if you go to
and type in "Bonfouca, La" you will see the aerial shots of the marina up the bayou from the lake. Looks kinda like an "E" lying on its side...

Our album of pics is at:



Jersey Shore

Postby o2bsailing » Wed Jul 14, 2004 7:49 pm

Greetings to Chrysler sailors,
My name is Ron and I sail my 1978 Chrysler 20 on the Jersey shore. Depending on the wind, I sail on Tom's river or Barnegat Bay.
My boat was a gift from a good friend. I picked it up in the Spring of 2003 and sailed it last year as it was.
The old girl had taken a hit from a bulkhead on the port side and then the first time I had it in the water I made it worse by stalling the motor and having someone tend it on a bulkhead while I figured out what to do. The water had leaked in through that damage for a few years and and the stanchion for the safety line was kinda tipped and loose as a result of a little rot to the deck core. This spring I decided I would cut out the foot or so of core and replace it. Well 4 1/2 feet of core later, and a bunch of time experimenting and learning about west systems epoxy, I am back in the water. I learned something very interesting. When you patch the leaks in the deck, you don't have to bail the cabin. Next year I will repair the damage to the interior caused by the standing water that rotted the framework that supports the flat area between the bunks. In the meantime I will try to kill the mildew on the foam and keep the hatch open when I am below.
I love the way she sails. Light air, heavy air, no matter, she goes. I singlehand about half the time and have had good luck with that. The cockpit is enormous and I have had as many as 8 on board, though I do not recommend it.
I moved up from a Holder 17 and I like the added weight (2000 vs. 975).
The Jersey shore is an excellent place to sail. Good wind, nice people, and the crabbing is good too. Watch the jellyfish when you swim though. We have a bunch this year.
I have a slip that is very reasonable at a full service marina that will gladly do the work I run out of time or energy to do. Launching and hauling with a lift is a helluva lot better than trying to use a vehicle. You just can't get deep enough without a serious extension.
I am still wrestling the centerboard brake. I always delegate that to the guests. I hope to have that fixed soon.


Postby SteveS » Thu Jul 15, 2004 9:25 am

I have two C 22s. Was looking for something to replace the O'Day day sailor I sold years ago. Found a good deal on a Chrysler 22 up in North Carolina. Drove up, inspected, and bought it. Then faced the problem of how to get it home to Florida. I had no idea how difficult it is to find used sailboat trailers. Finally my wife found a trailer for a Chrysler 22 in Wisconsin. The only complication was that it already had a boat on it. So now we have two. We've been sailing the first since April. It resides on Lake Seminole. The second sits on the trailer while we work on restoring it.

During the long weekend of the 4th we swapped the boats out and hauled the active one to Corpus Christi for a couple of days of sailing. Long story and lots of fun, except for the part where I had to replace an axle on the trailer.


Postby NoRush » Thu Jul 15, 2004 11:12 am


I purchased a 1980 C26 about six months ago, this is my first boat. My wife and I sail at Lake Pleasant outside Phoenix, AZ (I know sailing in the desert seems odd).

We pulled out for the summer in May as sitting on fiberglass when it's 110 degrees with no wind is not much fun.

I am using this time to clean up this poor neglected boat, but I am looking forward to a September launch party.


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Postby dennyzen » Thu Jul 15, 2004 6:57 pm

First off, where do you sail?

Well, it's flat water sailing here in the heart of America. Kansas City has four decent sailing lakes. I am on the smallest, Lake Jacomo in Lee's Summit, MO for six months out of the year--1/2 hour from door to dock. Other candidates, in order of size and distance, Clinton just outside of Lawrence KS(< 1 hr), Perry betweeen Lawrence and Topeka (>1 hr), and then Stockton northwestish of Springfield MO (>2 1/2 hrs). With that choice, I bought the Chrysler because it is trailerable. But it is all I can do to get it into and out of the water each year. I went back to school for the last couple of years, and really neglected it, so now I'm making up time with all the work.

How long have you owned your Chrysler?

My Chrysler 22 is a '78 or '79 (there's some debate) 22, red (formerly known as Thumper). In 1997, I bought it from a co-worker--it was in bristol condition and he was a first rate sailing mentor. He also sailed it at Jacomo, but it originally was sailed in Carolina salt water. He moved on a 31' boat on Stockton and now retired (full time) to a 38' Caliber (it's a cool boat) in Florida--he's actually sailing to the Bahamas as I type.

What other boats have you owned?

My father grew up sailing skipjacks on the Chesapeake and Potomac and kept his passion alive here in the Midwest with an Advance Demon (16' sloop--little brother to the Flying Dutchman). So that was the boat I learned on, racing with Dad on Jacomo. As a teenager, I had my own Butterfly (12') catboat. I sailed Advance Flying Juniors both as a camper and sailing instructor at a Girl Scout Camp (I always thought of those boats as mine.) My Dad went on to Hobie's, which I sailed, but didn't like much. The Chrysler is my first boat since I was a teenager.

How many are in your crew?

Well, my partner and housemate, is my preferred crew, but when she is not available it's my Dad, my sister, neice or whomever.

I really enjoy this board and learn a lot from everyone else's problems--since they sure go around.

Let's hear from you all--more often, problem or not.

Kansas City

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Standing headroom

Postby NYCKELPIGAN » Mon Oct 25, 2004 6:08 pm

Bought our Chrysler 22 in 1977, new. We went to the fall boat show in Mount Clemens, Mi. I liked the Tanzer22, the flush deck caught my eye, and my wife liked the Chrysler because the translucent hatch covers let in more light below deck. Kept it in the water for the first six years, on the shores of Lake Erie, Swan Creek. Took that boat by trailer to Drummond Island a few times, once to Land Between the Lakes, Ky, Lake Powell, Ariz.once, the last long trip was from the shores of Grand Portage, Minn. across 22 miles of Lake Superior, under fog, to Isle Royale. That was a trip, with my 14 yr old doughter with her trombone, and my wife who does not like water that much. And most every year we made the trip from the Detroit Lighthouse to Cedar Point Amusement park. That was 48 miles, eight hours, sail, or motor. The first year, wife, our two boys 10 & 11, with daughter 11 months in my wife's arms, make the trip in 7.5 hours, under sail the whole way. It was the later part of May, stayed two days at the park, the wind turned 180 degrees, bombed home. Told everybody that would never happen again, it hasn't. One thing I found out, nobody likes to hold the tiller for very long, the second year we had the boat, we bought an Autohelm. Named it 'Armstrong, still using it today, We sold the boat in the fall of 1999, along with the tow vehical that was bought new, a Mercury Marquis 1974 station wagon, with the 400ci engine. Only had 160k miles on it. Found a 1977 Chrysler 26, in Holland, Mi. It had the E-Z LOADER trailer, Yahamha 9.9 outboard, roller furling, bimi, marine radio, ginnitker, deck lights, and a different kind of autotiller that I let go with out 22. The standing headroom is what I wanted, the red hull I didn't. But I found that by putting mineral oil on it, you get the gloss, without all the work. I like the 26, but I think the 22 was faster. Maybe next year, a new full battened main? I keep the boat on the trailer, with the mast up, and launch when I want to go sailing, works for me. Less expense, and worry about water levels.
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dennis knudson

Postby dennis knudson » Tue Oct 26, 2004 9:07 pm

I have owned a C26 in partnership since 1982. We are the second owner and call the boat High Anxiety. The name stems from a keel cable leak at lalunch and not being able to retrieve the boat necessitating leaving the boat overnight on a mooring. needless to say she was still afloat the next day with only a few cups of water inside. The marina repaired the leak and we've not had a problem since.

Our primary sailing area in Lake Vermillion in northeast Minnesota. I did have it for one summer on Lake Superior while my son was stationed at the Duluth coast guard base.

My crew was my wife and tow sons. I now crew alone mostly. My sons have grown up and left home and my wife has some limiting health problems which prevent her form sailing.

Our first boat was a C22 which I had for only three years. Long enough to sail to Isle Royale in Lake Superior twice. The 22 was traded for the 26 plus a partner. I also had a Snark for my sons when they were young and still own a AMF Sidewinder (16) which I hope to give to my grandchildren (two aged 11).

For a while we had an active sailing club on Lake Vermillion and sponsored 5 races each year. The founders and movers of the club left the area and the club died. we had lots of fun.

I am presently working the boat over to allow for easy single handing. I also am trying to replace a torn main. I anyone has one for sale let me know.

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Postby tigerprof » Fri Nov 19, 2004 7:25 am


We have acquired a C-22. We bought her in 2001, but just have started to do repairs and maintenance to make her seaworthy in Fall 2004. We will be sailing her on Lake Norman near Charlotte, NC. We could love to hear from other
C-22 owners in the area. contact us at
We have a C-22 that is a project boat. We bought her in 2001, but just started getting her in shape in Fall of 2004. We will sail on Lake Norman near Charlotte, NC or


Postby David » Sat Jan 07, 2006 8:50 pm

Last summer I was given a weathered red and white sailboat but had no idea what it was. I have since found that it is a 1971 Man-O-War. I got some books on sailing, read them, learned the terminology, and with some fear and trembling set out for my first venture on a small lake near Ames, IA, where I live. Of course, I tried to head north into a north wind and spent a good deal of time in irons or paddling away from the weeds into which I was being pushed. My little "free" boat has been a joy. A new sail, a home-made tiller and a fiberglass patch where the water poured in through the hull on the forward edge of where the daggerboard goes through and we're good to go.

This summer I'll have a chance to sail her in Minnesota and Wisconsin -- even a little venture (if I don't chicken out) at the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior.l


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Sailing In Indiana

Postby donbohio » Thu Jan 19, 2006 4:40 am

Good day folks,

I am Don. I live in southwest Ohio and sail in southeast Indiana on Brookville Lake. I belong to Brookville Lake Sailing Association (BLSA). Members sail out of Hanna Creek Sailboat Marina, Kent's Harbor Marina or Fairfield Marina and Bouey Field.

My wife Linda and I own a 1978 Chrysler 22 named Sea Hawk. I have owned it for a year.

My prior sailboats included Sunfish and Capri 14.2. I have also sailed on and/or raced J24s, Columbia Sabre, Oday Widgen and Cape Cod Mercuries.

I mostly sail single handed. I cruise with my wife and others. I race with other club members, my grandson's or go solo.



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Postby clair hofmann » Fri May 05, 2006 6:09 pm

We have a C26 purchased 4 years ago. We only get to sail it about 4 times a year. It stays in the water in North Carolina about 480 miles away. We plan to retire there in 5 or 6 years. We sail on the Bay River and Pamlico sound. I'm trying to refit a trailer to get the boat home for a much needed restoration.

To satisfy our need to sail, we have a Venture 22 we sail weekly, summers in Tuckerton N.J. Between us and our two kids we also have three Prindle catamarans.

We've become profecient at sail repair, reapolstry, canvas work,and fiberglass repair out of necessity of owning well used boats. Its all fun!



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Postby Pelleg6 » Fri Jul 07, 2006 8:42 am

Hello all:

Stumbled across the site while looking for ANY info on the CY-30. My wife and I bought it 3 years ago and have been slowly upgrading and repairing her. She is listed as a 1979 model (possibly the only year Chrysler manufactured it).

We get her out into Tampa Bay about once a month or so. We are hoping to double the time on the water as our 17 year old is showing an interest in sailing now.

Look forward to conversing with all of you.

T. Pellegrino - New Tampa, FL

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Postby NYCSAILOR » Wed Jul 12, 2006 9:23 am


I am in LI sound in Port Jeff area for over 10 years but marina changed hands and is giving me a hard time so I am looking to move my si now still ont he hard in its shipping cradle...need to buy or build a trailer ( I have the C-26 with fixed keel and rudder. boat is mostly original and needs refreshing..great coastal boat but I think a trailer will help me out since the marina thinks they have me hostage and they have a ATM machine...looking for others inthe LI / NYC / NJ / CT area


new owner

Postby rjbranch » Sun Aug 20, 2006 3:45 pm

I bought the boat this weekend from a marina repo deal. Its my 40 somethingth boat, I've lost count. I started building boats when I was 13 and have been building and designing most of my life. My last saing project was a Dick Newick 23 foot tri. Never had sailed a tri, cats were boring. Tris turned out not to be boring (getting 5 knots boatspeed with zero wind in a river by using the current to generate a breeze is not boring, but you keep running into the shore... 25 seconds, tack, 30 seconds tack.... etc. and that's with a half mile wide river. Anyway, 27 knots was the highest velocity we got. Still had some left, but as usual, ran into the shore.) So I have been in an enforeced 3 year boat building sabatical (too many years of consecutive bilding and restoring). That was coming to an end. The next one was half done in the computer, waiting for 3 more commissions I have to design to be finished, when the C-22 apeared for $1500. It will do the same mission the boat I was going to do would and without the work. Keeps me from building another boat for a couple of years! Now maybe I can start that airplane I've been wanting to build......

bob branch
Harsens Island, MI
Where Canada is north, south, east, and west of US!


Postby JaynSusan » Fri Nov 03, 2006 9:00 am

Great post,and i like the name ! we just picked up our 78 chrysler. she's named jredeemed.we sail in the lower keys of florida.We live on a Island thats 4miles by 2miles.If you go to "Lost Laguna Sloops" and click pictures, you will see Jays Laguna in Key West. The pictures I took aboard my old boat at sea down here are truly awsome. Can't wait to sail jredeemed here! We named her jredeemed after something that changed my life.


where do you sail

Postby rjbranch » Fri Nov 03, 2006 10:13 am

Keys look wonderful to sail in. The color of our water here suprises people greatly. Its often the same blue green that you have down there. Especially in the St Clair River that carries all of Lake Huron's flow to the lower lakes and at the end of which our island sits.

Unfortuantely, the jet stream did its late fall move the second week of August this year and so our boating season was obviously going to end early so I did not launch it this year. I have all the gear now for the refit, roller furler, additional winch, new sails, bilge pump, etc. I have built the new electrical panel and will install it with the new electrical system in the spring. The rudder does not pivot at all by moving the lines so I will have to disassemble it and restore it before launch. The standing rigging turned out to be ok, and I have installed new spreader bases and spreaders. A week or two of work in the spring and it will be ready to go. Looking forward to the feeling of a normal sailboat under my feet again. Been a long time.

bob branch


Postby chadfunk48 » Fri Nov 10, 2006 9:32 pm

I have owned a C-20 for about 6 months. I hav ejust been trying to get it in good enough condition to get it in the water. It's a great boats and I can't wait to sail. I'm going to slip her at he mouth of the Toms River right near the Barneget bay. It's really a great location.

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Postby slane1124 » Mon Nov 13, 2006 7:32 am

:D First, I'm new to sailing. I bought the Sea-Shell-E this past May, 2006. I had never been on a sailboat until this Summer, but always wanted to sail. I just finished my Basic Keel Certification at Lanier Sailing Academy, at Lake Lanier, GA. I LOVE TO SAIL!!!! A friend of mine has a place on Lake Sinclair, GA, and has told me I can leave the boat on a trailer in the yard. Did I say I love to sail?! I am addressing some small issues with the Sea-Shell-E, she's a 1976 Chrysler 22. Right now she is on a "home made" trailer, has some very miner cosmetic issue fiberglass things I need to pay attention to, a 7.5 Honda ob, and some spreader issues that are the most pressing thing keeping me out of the water right now. I also have learned quite a lot on this forum. Again, I love to sail!
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