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Chrysler 20

Postby ssamac55 » Wed Apr 06, 2005 6:36 pm

I have a chance to buy a chrysler 20 in really nice shape but do not know much about the boat. The phrf is 100.6 which says it's slow. One of the guys in our club has a chrysler 22 and the phrf is 100.8 but he regularly beats out Catalina 22s and similar with PHRFs in the 95-96 area. Can anyone explain the disconnect. We always thought that his numbers were wrong but they are not

And about skill-- on a par with the rest of the fleet so it's not a matter of the other guys not know ing how to sail


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Postby Rich » Thu Apr 07, 2005 1:41 pm

A PHRF for a 20' boat is almost the same as a 22'? That says to me the 20' boat is faster foot for foot than the 22. Also, your PHRF numbers sound a lot lower than the ones here in my area. Unless all you want the boat for is racing, I wouldn't worry too much about the PHRF, I'd focus more on if the boat has the features you want, is a boat you are comfortable with, if it has the look that you like and so on. I mean if you are looking for a flat out race boat, look at the Cal 20, or maybe a Santana 20. Both of those are VERY fast, and reasonably priced.
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