What goes where?

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What goes where?

Postby bernina27 » Mon Mar 24, 2003 2:28 pm

I bought the "Vintage III" a few weeks ago. Like some other posts I've read, a lot of things were disassembled. Where did the electrical control panel mount? What is supposed to be over the hole just forward of the mast on the deck? How many cushions are there and what is the placement? Does anyone have the capability to take a lot of pictures of their boat an post them or email them to me? How far out does the cooler/step protrude? I just brought my own down to the boat. Thanks for any info anyone can post or email!!

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I'll post a few shots as I take them.

Postby Birch » Mon Mar 24, 2003 5:32 pm

Little Bird gets a bottom job at a VERY classy boatyard. :wink:


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What goes where?

Postby Rich » Tue Mar 25, 2003 11:36 am

Well, how big is the hole forward of the mast? (you aren't refering to the hatch I hope) if it is that little hole JUST an inch or so in front of mast step, and just behind hatch cover, well that is where there should be a though deck plug for your mast lights. If there's no longer one there, you can get a new one at West Marine. I replaced mine, as it was broken. Only thing, the one I replaced it with sticks up higher than the old one, so I can't open the hatch as far because the back of the hatch now hits the plug receptical. Oh well.

So far as taking lots of pictures and posting them, I'd do it for you, but my boat is 3 hours away in Olympia, where she lives in her berth and I won't be vistiting her until this weekend at the earliest. :D

There should be three cushions for the V berth, one large triangle shaped cushion and two sort of rectangular shaped cushions.

For the table area there should be one VERY large sort of square shaped cushion which makes up the aft seat as well as extending under the cockpit area, one rectangular cushion for the fore seat, and one which goes on the back rest. Along the Starboard seating area there should be one very long rectangular shaped cushion for the lenght of that area (when the slide out galley is not out) and one shorter cushion for a back rest. That backrest cushion on the starboard side fits on the table when it is down, along with the forward backrest cushion for the table, to make up a bed. So all together, you have 3 bow, 3 table area, and two starboard "couch" area for a total of 8 cushions. Also, there were two round fender like cushions used for pillows/decoration originally. They are shaped kind of like fenders.

As far as the electrical panel goes, I don't have one. All I have is some wires under the cockpit that run to a pull out switch two three position switch in the cockpit.

My cooler pretty much lines up with the aft seat for the table.
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