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Postby CaptainScott » Fri Oct 21, 2016 6:01 am

Hellos all,

I have recently received a few complaints some folks can not access our documents page.

Our documents are free to all and open to everyone members and non members alike. YOU should have access!!!

There are three ways to get to our documents:
1) go to our main page at and simply click documents
you will be redirected to a different server where I host the documents

2) simply click the documents link in my signature.
you will be redirected to a different server where I host the documents

3) or use this direct link to my host page ... ocList.php
This is a direct link to the documents.

Some possible issues accessing the documents

1) the first two options redirect from the chryslersailors server to captainscottsailing server and some browsers complain. Try the direct link.

2) the documents link is a PHP file which is basically a script. if you have scripting turned off in your browser this might be an issue. all three methods access documents via the script.

For the Webservices/HTML/PHP guru's in the world,
I welcome posts with suggestions or options that may help those with issues.

Again, the documents are OPEN AND FREE TO ALL.


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Postby C22Bob » Mon Oct 31, 2016 9:29 am

The Documentation link from the home page is OK, but I've noticed that the link at 'Chrysler Document Page' under the 'DISCUSSION BOARD INFORMATION' page requires a login, then says 'Sorry, but only users granted special access can read topics in this forum.'


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