Transom weight rating/ new motor mount

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Transom weight rating/ new motor mount

Postby bernina27 » Tue Jun 10, 2003 9:42 am

I was thinking of getting a new motor for the Vintage III. My first mate, Chris, said that we can probably get a much higher HP motor due to the fact that when these boats were built the motors were a lot heavier compared to higher HP motors today. The manual says 10hp is the largest size that should be put on. Right now we have a Honda 4 stroke, 7.5hp. It's given us some trouble. Two friends have worked on it. I hope if we just take it to an outboard place they'll get it ship shape no problem.

If not, has anyone put a substantial size newer motor on their boat? Also where are you running the fuel line? I bring mine forward through the fuel compartment self bailing holes then aft to the motor. I've thought about running it aft through the compartment's bailer hole but then the line dangles in the water.

Has anyone ever replace their motor mount? Ours has seen better days. Did you buy one or make it?

The good news!!! We've been sailing! Went out for 5 hours on Sunday. I suppose it's mean but, Chris' date was freaked out when we were heeled over, so I'd pull in the main and try and get the boat over as much as I could... That's heaven to me!


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Postby Rich » Tue Jun 10, 2003 12:40 pm

Ok, first, the motor issue. I have recently replaced my motor (when I bought the boat, it still had original Chrysler 6hp, but it had problems) I got a Suzuki Sail 8hp, it moves the boat along at hull speed at 3/4 throttle. Keep in mind, more power won't make you move faster, it will dig the stern deeper into the water, eat more gas, but your speed won't increase much if at all. So far as weight goes, I find that already with my 8hp + gas there's an awful lot of weight in the stern.

So far as motor mounts go, I also replaced the original mount with a new one from Boaters World. It was rated for larger motors, and use in salt water. Made a HUGE difference. I can now raise and lower the motor with one hand, and without stooping down so much. It's much easier on the back. I highly recomend going with a newer mount if you have an original.

A Honda 7.5 should be PLENTY motor, so long as it's reliable, if you can get it repaired for a reasonable price, I'd go that route.
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