Notes from a newbie to the chrysler crowd, hauling , rigging

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Notes from a newbie to the chrysler crowd, hauling , rigging

Postby Number1 » Sun Sep 03, 2017 6:49 pm

The Good - Raising the mast single handed even with a side wind was easy and simple. I replaced the boom with a 1" dia 10'length of electricle conduit which allows me to store the sail on the boom. I flattened the last 2" of the conduit and drilled a hole in it then used a 5/16" shackle. I did not like the idea of useing the jib or main halyard but used the the fore stay instead. I was able to connect that and all straps and blocks to that shackle. The un flattened end of the conduit was slipped over the 5/8 bolt, you can even leave the bolt head on .Using a mainsheet block with cam cleats raising the mast from dead level took very little effort. ratchet straps give enough stretch to make minor misalignment of the bridals a non issue.Once the mast is up and the forward shrouds are in place the mast will not fall and the fore stay can be connected and adjusted.

The Bad. I forgot to check the bow eye for security. Although I did not have a problem, if the bow eye comes loose the boat can easily shift. While loading the boat back on the trailer I noted that if it shifted just 6 " the tunge jack had no weight and the wheel lifted off the ramp on its own. I saw this because this did not have a tunge extension. In past posts several members have noted that their bow eyes had signifigant issues.

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