More pictures' Brigadoon

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More pictures' Brigadoon

Postby brigadoon » Sat Feb 10, 2018 1:40 pm

Again poor pictures but the quality doesn't show up untill I download them .

# 1 Is the mast crane made from a piece of pipe with a roller . The bottom of the rig just sits inside the motor mount. the pipe is welded to a channel that hooks over the transom with a cut out for the factory installed stern light. The channel was made from 2 pieces of angle bent and welded to match the curve of the transom. I put the roller on a scond pipe that sleeves into the base with a pin that allows for hieght adustment. This unitworks for trailering as well as set up. The roller allows me to slide the mast back untill I can attach the mast base to the step. The boat does not have the original step but uses a hinge pin. (IMOH Much safer)

#2 Sailing in Sequim bay with my 2 sons

#3 Headed up to Dunguness Spit under motor because there is no wind ( About 8 mi each way 9.9 Merc 4 stroke)

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