Rudder modification ,Brigadoon

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Rudder modification ,Brigadoon

Postby brigadoon » Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:35 pm

#1,#3pictures are more of the electric panel.
#2 Repaired rudder with ablative antifowling paint.

The first time I took the boat out I had signifagant trouble with the rudder when the down line came loose and the rudder floated up in spite ofthe line being secured in a line clutch. When I pulled out it was evident that it had been poorly rigged and needed the addition of a roller on the down haul, but it was very difficult to push down ,and because the motor was bolted in the down position there was a stituation that could have been hazardous as there was no steering untill the rudder was again secured down. I decided that I would rather have the rudder in a default down position than have it float up if loose. Even if the motor did not interfere with the rudder the torque produced with the rudder floated up would make the boat difficult to controll and could easily break the tiller.My fix was to weight the rudder at the bottom with lead. The circles lightly marked on the rudder are where I added wt.

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