Hole in boat

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Hole in boat

Postby Papasail » Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:38 am

Hey Gang,

No stranger to Chrysler 22's here...
I would add pic, but this site won't accept pic from iphone 7.... no indicator on what size/ format is required. Onward w/out pic:

Ancient depth finder/ no longer functioning. Midline bottom of boat, about 1.5 feet sternward from back of keel when reeled up. Just below floor/ beginning of first cockpit step. About 3" in diameter. I use x2 marine batteries on a cradle direct underneath cockpit step... they slid/ banged the depth finder, which crumbled the ancient plastic retainer ring. Only very slight residual water leaking now, but I have a 3" hole waiting to happen.

Q: what can i use to fill this 3" thru-hull hole once I bust this ancient crap out?
I need a solid metal part with a retainer ring that I can seal/ waterproof.

Ideas (All accepted!!!)

Will send pic if you can help with that idea.

Thanx in advance!

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Re: Hole in boat

Postby brigadoon » Sun Mar 18, 2018 12:02 pm

Why not just fill the hole with fiberglass? This is a very easy cheap repair if you can pull the boat. All the materials are available at your local auto parts or paint store. I could suggest the procedure but they are available from experts on utube. The actual repair can be done in about an hour and if you use fast materials you can go back in the water the same day if required.
Good Luck , Rick

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Re: Hole in boat

Postby CaptainScott » Wed Mar 21, 2018 8:56 am

That was my first thought also.
Fiberglass and youtube!

I've repaired glass damage on a Catamaran I used to have. I believe the repair was stronger than the original glass!


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Re: Hole in boat

Postby brigadoon » Wed Mar 21, 2018 4:53 pm

Bill, I've just finished cutting an 8' fiberglass sabot pram in half to make it a nesting dinghy . I tabbed in wood bulkeds with glass mat, I don't think it will ever come apart . I also had to shorten the width of the dagger board well and patch a 2" thick x 1" x 2" hole in the keel it's really solid now and was very easy to fix . Unless you intend to reuse the penetration I think you will be much happier with a solid patch.
Again good luck and let everyone know how it turns out. All are cheering for you

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Re: Hole in boat

Postby jsa » Thu Mar 22, 2018 6:59 am

I also thought that glass/resin would be the best way to fix the repair. I order my glass and resins from US Composites. Quality materials at much less cost that West Systems.


I like the 1708 biaxial cloth for the outer skins. I'd recommend using polyester resins over epoxy.

I'm not an expert, but I have glassed a few things. The biggest job was completely rebuilding the transoms of a Hobie 16 from the inner skin outward. Best of luck and ask questions when you need.

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