Weekend aboard! Went to Poulsbo!

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Weekend aboard! Went to Poulsbo!

Postby CaptainScott » Mon Oct 22, 2018 7:59 am

Well, Thursday night we spent aboard! Beautiful evening with awesome sunsets photos on the Nikon!
Friday morning we left the marina with a full tank of fuel! 10:00 and we met with a good friend of ours aboard his boat Wyuka.
It was very foggy! Destiny entered the fog bank and stayed there for 5 hours or the entire trip!

Here Wyuka took our picture entering the fog and sent it to us!

Here Wyuka had just entered following us since we have radar AND know how to use it!

This is an interesting shot of our radar screen! It was with my cell phone so it kind of sucks but it is cool!

What you are seeing is our position dead center of the screen. We had entered Agate pass and land clearly shows on each side of us. There is a bridge over the pass that appears as a wall on the radar! The radar and GPS keep is centered in the channel so we can fit nicely under the 75' span. We top out at 56'. The radar is set to 1/4 mile range and each ring is 1/8th mile. You can see clearly three boats following us in the pass. The closest is our friend aboard Wyuka. We stayed in radio contact the whole way.

The entire weekend was foggy with the exception of some sunshine on Saturday later in the day.
The Sunday drive ( no wind to sail ) home was also met with fog but it lingered about 50' up and about 1 mile visibility so it was much more of a relaxed ride!

It was a great weekend all around!

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