My New mast support

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My New mast support

Postby Skipper Dan » Fri Jul 19, 2019 4:35 pm

I made a new mast support for my 26. I was going to screw the flange in but once I had the straps attached it is so solid I do not have to. I think I am going to put a inside piece in also so that I can raise it up another 3' for raising the mast. Next project is to finish the solar panel supports. I am going to fiberglass them solid so it looks like a rail. They will fiberglass right to the boat on the same lines that are there. When done it will look like it is part of the boat rather than an add-on. Not much I can do with the trailing supports, but you can't have everything on a 26'er.
Mast support 2 (Medium).jpg
Mast support (Medium).jpg

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