Remove Rudder Cheeks from Rudder Assembly

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Remove Rudder Cheeks from Rudder Assembly

Postby Steve427 » Fri Aug 07, 2020 7:47 am

I am new to this forum although I have owned my Chrysler sailboat since the late 1970's. I own a 20 foot Day Sailor and have enjoyed it all this time. Most of the systems for the C-20 are the same as for the larger boats. Recently I have had the boat in dry dock and intend to refurbish it probably for the next few years. One my first projects will be to straighten one of the rudder cheeks that somehow bent as the boat was backing up. It is still usable but needs to be fixed.

Does anyone know if the rudder cheeks can be removed from the rudder assembly without removing the whole assembly from the boat and if so how? The cheeks and assembly seem the same as on larger Chryslers.

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