Man-o-War new boat, MOW lots of questions

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Man-o-War new boat, MOW lots of questions

Postby madisontadpole » Fri Oct 09, 2020 6:40 pm

Hi, after sailing sunfish, Butterflies, force 5, and Banshee, I have recently come into a Man-o-war and really looking to getting her out on the water next spring.
The manual posted on this forum has been a great help, but since this was a well used boat, and my first chrysler, there was some stuff missing I was hoping the experienced captains could fill in.

Sheet cut list- The ropes were a mess on this boat and need a complete replacement, is there a cut list of length/diameter/use? That would be helpful to add a an appendix to the manual of what is needed. Of most urgency is the length and diameter of the mainsheet, that seems most critical. but outhaul and downhaul etc would be helpful too.

sail Batten- length, width, thickness, stiffness and original material, they were gone, Were they wood? fiberglass? etc. I have heard a suggestion of PVC stop trim from home depot doing a good job, but curious what is correct.

Hiking extension for the tiller-. mine looks like a broomstick. any photos or descriptions of what it should be?

Foam, I think luckily, critters had made a home for a few years at the hand of the PO, and all the foam was chewed into small chunks/piles in both the bow and stern, with larger loose chunks in the gunwales. All is removed now, the good is there is none of the old water logged foam to weight her down, but the bad is presumably no floatation. My thought taking a suggestion from another post is to place swimming "noodles" in all cavities and call it good, but looking for comments. Additionally, the 5" circular openings to the bow have been replaced by seal-able access ports, with an additional 4" access port in the stern, so I think i have pretty close to an air/water-tight compartment surrounding the cockpit, gunwales, stern, bow.

Faded, dull fiberglass- finally cosmetically, and of least importance, the orange textured fiberglass looks great when it is wet, but dried, looks dull and faded, I have washed it, used oxalic acid cleaners, buffing compound on a plastic brush, and stripped, and re-waxed, but she is still dull. Should I keep fighting it, or just let it go?

I look forward to any comments and suggestions.

Thank you!

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