1971 Bristol 22 Caravel

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1971 Bristol 22 Caravel

Postby Windward » Sat Sep 17, 2011 5:14 pm

As many of you know, I purchased a 1971 Bristol 22 in northern Ohio for $800 late last December, with the intent of making necessary repairs and keeping her on the NC coast. Thus far, that's gone... slowly. Demands of home, work and sometimes actually sailing have taken precedence. The revised plan is to complete the basic work needed when time permits, then sell her. In the mean time, I am about to begin building a cradle so that I can free up the trailer I've borrowed in time for Windward to go coastal (Pamlico/OBX) in October.

This presents someone with a unique opportunity. For those of you "Cut to the chase, already!" people: $800 as is, near is (if you buy her before I remove her from the trailer this week, I'll deliver her within 30 miles of Elizabethton, TN, but you need a way to remove her from the trailer and block her up).

After she's on the cradle, she goes to As is, Where is. I spent a fair chunk of change and time getting her down from Ohio, removing deck hardware in prep for rebedding, starting the bottom sanding, and updating some rigging, but right now I'll chalk that up to public service. If I do the repair work I may still sell her, but not for anything near this price. Not many of these come up for sale, but they seem to be north of $3000.

For the more thoughtful and inquisitive amongst us, read on.

The Bristol 22 is a fixed keel, Halsey Herreshoff design drawing 3.5'. Halsey also designed Windward, which you may have seen me sailing from time to time, and also the Freedom 40 that Dan and Amy Miller used to keep on Watauga, several Bristols and a number of other classic designs. This 22' boat doesn't sleep 12, but you really could put 3 or 4 on her for the weekend without having wet foulies in your bed, and without having to dismantle the v-berth to use the head. I was attracted to her in the first place because she had a proper cabin and looked like she'd be a little Windward under sail. Solo or with one other person, as I'd envisioned using her, I see no problem in spending a week or two aboard.

Besides the perfunctory v-berth and quarter berth, she includes a separate, enclosed head with hanging locker, a dinette that folds into a cozy double or large single, a deep bilge and a large stowage space beneath the cockpit. Topside you'll fine lifelines, a decently sized cockpit, built-in motorwell on the transom (motor tips clear of the water) and capacious cockpit locker. And she looks like a proper boat.

* http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=227
* http://www.bristolowners.org/22/bristol22.html is down for some reason, but usually has other details.
* One Bristol 22, WE-TU, sailed from the US to Australia and back http://www.laurig.com/articles/bill/frameset.html

She has:

* Life jackets
* Two Type-IV cushions
* Fire extinguisher
* Danforth QR-16 anchor, 5' 1/4" coated chain, 90' 3/8" nylon rode
* Viking 20 anchor (aluminum, similar to a Fortress Guardian), 4' 1/4" galvanized chain, 60' 3/8" nylon rode
* Halyards, jibsheets, mainsheet
* Replaced mainsheet blocks with stainless steel Shaefer units
* Mainsail (probably original, no rips or tears)
* Heavy weather jib, no rips or tears (appears little used)
* 115% genoa (probably original, 6" tear at the head, should be a simple @home repair)
* 2 sheet winches, winch handle
* 2 fenders
* dock lines
* folding swim ladder
* Porta-potti
* Interior cushions (foam included, but it's musty and really needs to be replaced)
* Galley has built-in icebox, sink
* 15 +/- gallon water tank under the v-berth (probably needs a good scrub)
* A space for a stove but nothing built-in. I'll include your choice of Kenyon alcohol stoves (one from Windward, with one burner great and one that needs rebuilt, or an Kenyon alcohol/electric combo purchased from e-bay but never installed)
* 12v battery, basic fuse / switch panel
* Nav and interior lights
* VHF radio with masthead antenna
* Electric bilge pump
* bulkhead-mounted compass.
* Paddle
* Inflatable dinghy. It's a "row the doughnut" model (no way to slap a motor on), but it does appear to be Hypalon rather than cheap vinyl. Add a quick 1/4" plywood floor and she rows pretty well.
* A gallon of epoxy and hardener
* A quart of bottom paint
* A few feet of self-adhesive sail cloth to repair the 115 (you'll still need to sew it)
* Free advice (I like to think it's worth MORE than you're paying for it)
* Maybe a few other things that I've forgotten. She's got the basics, but not the extras.

She needs:

* Deck hardware needs to be rebedded (I was planning to overdrill, shoot with epoxy and then redrill so that she won't ever need it again).
* I removed the rub rail from the hull/deck joint, which now needs a thorough sanding and a couple of layers of seam tape epoxied on.
* Port bulkhead needs the outboard 12" or so of plywood replaced (rot due to seepage at the poorly-bedded chainplate)
* A 3" crack at the base of the keel needs repair. That's the reason she needs to come off the trailer for repair -- simply not enough space to grind the bottom of the keel. The PO sailed her that way, but I wasn't willing to live with a known, repairable leak.
* Being who, and how, I am, I excavated some filled areas on the port aft edge side of the keel. These were clearly filled this way from the factory, and served for 40 years so far, but that's not the way I like things so I am / was planning to fill with glass and epoxy.
* Bottom paint -- I have a quart of West Marine hard bottom paint I'll include, but it will almost certainly take another quart or two for decent coverage.
* I removed the rudder to simplify the bottom job. No problems with or damage to it, but it should be sanded and painted before re-installation. It features the the commonly used PVC pipe lower bearing, which is a bit worn and ought to be replaced


* Custom cradle, currently a $300 pile of treated lumber and galvanized fasteners that I'm beginning to assemble tomorrow. I could be enticed to loan it for a couple of months (if you have free weekends, that's longer than it should take to get the Bristol ready to splash), but it ain't free. I'll use it for Windward once the Bristol's done.
* Chrysler Sailor 250 electric start, remote control, extra long shaft outboard. I used this to kick Windward for years, until the Magnapower III ignition gave up the ghost just before I went coastal several years ago. I sourced a replacement ignition, which I need to install. That should restore it to its functional glory, and once it's running well I'll sell it with the boat for $500. Also have a pair of spare coils, an extra carb kit and impeller I'll include. Motor stays until the boat's sold, because I'll need a motor to kick her with if I repair and use her. It's a brute, and when when I threw it in reverse it would stop Windward as sure as hitting the dock.

PM, or Windward (at) lizards (dot) net

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