Our C-26 Found us!!!!! =D

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Our C-26 Found us!!!!! =D

Postby Dayenu » Wed Feb 06, 2013 9:17 am

Edited 3/11/13:

Tresa and I drove home from California yesterday with our new 1979 c-26 in tow. We "adopted her" (she is truly a family member and will be treated as such) from Bob and Betty in Oroville... We could see the bitter sweet looks on their faces that we all come to know on parting... (This will be my fourth "larger boat (24'~30' blue water sailors mostly) She will be well kept, and pampered with lots of modifications planned (I'll share posts here on the work... (To give you an idea... I'm a special effects artist, prototype designer/developer (www.jareldesign.com) Our first trip will be to Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles (my home turf) for a week of shake down cruising before driving east and south to San Carlos Mexico for a couple of weeks of coastal island hopping and lots of umbrella drinks!

Thanks to all who helped guide our way to this fabulous boat. I've never seen a better kept, better maintained boat that wasn't new....

Thank you Bob and Betty! You've brought our dreams to life!


This will be our second C26 (totally rebuilt our first one and sold locally to purchase our current home)

Must have: We're looking for a flush deck (We believe only 1977 and 1978 had this deck style?), retractable keel with trailer.

Options: You name it! :D We're fine with a fixer upper (previous 26 had over 500 blisters and lots of other problems most would consider "serious"... however, we'd also be very happy with "ready to sail".

We live in Oregon and need a trailer that is suitable for towing the distance from where the boat is to where we are.

We're hoping to fine this boat soon (pick up and towing to happen last week of March 1013.

This may be or may not be a lot to ask but a dear friend of our shared something that has made a lost of sense and proven true over the years:

"You get 100% of what you don't ask for! :wink:

Previous boat was "Iondine" (spelling?) traveled from Oregon to South Carolina for that one! LOL!

Thanking you in advance,

Richard & Lucy[/i]
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Postby Ty » Fri Feb 08, 2013 3:52 am

Check Craigs list Kansas City. There is a 1978 C-26 and trailer listed there. Good Luck
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THanks for the head's up

Postby Dayenu » Fri Feb 08, 2013 7:06 am

Thanks Ty! :D

Pretty sure this is one of 8 we are perusing... (If it's the same one, it has roller furling, diesel and wheel steering! :shock: :D

Called and left a message but no reply.

We've sifted through over 20 ads, most of them have been sold as long at several years ago... sure wished there was a way to remove ads that are outdated or for boats that are sold... still, we've followed up on all that we've found...

There are a few owners we're communicating with in the mid states from Wisconsin, Missouri and Colorado... a couple of days ago, we found one in Portland, Oregon ( about 4~5 hours away...) MUCH closer... We've seen some photos, none of the trailer... basic boat, Evindrude outboard, no roller furler, no wheel steering, all original, can't tell how "rough" she is, but it looks like it's been sitting for a while... but they're asking $7,000! :shock: selling through a broker (doesn't seem to know the boat very well), who shared that they'll negotiate... I've got an email into him asking to hold the boat for a $100 non-refundable deposit until the 23rd...

I'm a self employed prototype designer, special effects artist and I have two projects going on at the same time right now working 7 days a week towards my deadlines (www.jareldesign.com) We're hoping that if the boat is sound and if they drop their price to "reasonable"... We're mostly interested in this boat because it's close by... there are others though (like Jim's Anhinga) and a couple of others that have us more interested in their boats, than the distance needed to drive/fly out, rent a truck and tow her back home... Either way, we are definitely on a full steam ahead process with getting back into a C26 again... (This will be our second C26... first one came from South Carolina, drove out to bring her home and did a complete (hundreds!) blister job on her... she turned out beautiful but we ended up selling her to buy our home... would have been better to put everything in storage and spend the past 5 years sailing the intercoastal (Our goal still!)...

Ok... back to work here...

To everyone who's emailed me, THANK YOU!!!!!

There are still several replies that need to be made and I apologize for the delays... between recovering from a nasty flu while still working... seems like I just get up in the morning, work till I drop and then go back to bed.... just another couple of weeks to go.... Whew!

Best to all,
What we now have, was once, only hoped for...

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