brand new never used Rudder Craft kick-up rudder & tille

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brand new never used Rudder Craft kick-up rudder & tille

Postby fuseitinthesun » Thu May 04, 2017 4:04 pm

Ok, here's my sad story. I have a Chrysler Lonestar 13 (also for sale, btw...) it was my first sailboat. It's a real beater. Rescued it from slow decay in someone's back yard, spent a few hundred bucks fixing it and rigging it up, and sailed it around my local lake for 4 great summers. Well, the lake is real shallow and we would frequently hit sand bars and it put a lot of wear on the rickety old (home-made?) rudder. Finally it broke, and I had just gotten a new job with better pay, so I bought this top of the line Rudder Craft Unifoil Kick-up rudder (, with a beautiful mahogany & ash tiller ( I got all the upgrades, including the epoxy & varnish finish for the tiller, fabric sun covers for the rudder & tiller, and a mast crutch for easy transport of the mast using the rudder mount.

Well, when it came, it turns out I measured my gudgeons wrong, and the pintles didn't quite fit (too fat). So I was like, I need to replace my gudgeons with bigger ones. But had no experience with fiberglassing, etc, and was intimidated at the idea of putting holes in my boat, even though the boat is a beater. So, the project got back burnered. Then I got married. Then I had kids. Long story short, the boat is now decaying in my back yard, and I'm thinking I could use some money for some home improvement projects.

This beautiful, never-used rudder, tiller, & accessories cost me $884. I'm looking to part with it for $500, and I'll split the actual cost of shipping in the continental 48 states. The guy at Rudder Craft said he thought this would fit a Buccaneer or Mutineer too, for what it's worth. The boat itself is in Lansing, MI. If you're local and interested, make me an offer.

Some of the specs:

Boat Make: Chrysler
Boat Model: LoneStar 13
Boat Year: ??
Boat Length: 13

A: Desired space under tiller:
B: Desired tiller length:
C: Transom angle relative to waterline:
D: Desired draft:standard
E: Overall transom height:15 5/8"
F: Distance to top of upper pintle/gudgeon:3 1/4"
G: Distance between pintles/gudgeons (measured from top to top):9 7/8"
H: Distance to top of lower pintle/gudgeon:2 1/2"
I: Pintle/Gudgeon diameter:1/2 "

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Postby fuseitinthesun » Thu May 04, 2017 4:08 pm

Not sure why the picture link didn't work, but if you copy and paste it into a new tab, you'll see a copy of my invoice.

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