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1975 Chrysler 22 for sale

Posted: Mon May 29, 2017 8:33 am
by queenannesrevenge
It's been quite a while since I've been active here in the sailing forum. Unfortunately, life gets in the way of sailing far too often. This is my first sailboat. I can't bear to part her out but that's the direction I've been continually pushed so I'm offering her up for sale before that can happen. Queen Anne's Revenge was battered but not beaten by a signifigant tornado. The dock where she was moored, QAR's mast and boom, as well as the pontoon boat and the motor boat at the same dock all went to Davey Jones' locker. I spent almost two years on a daily quest to find and obtain another mast, boom, mast step, standing rigging, toerail, and fuel tank cover. Wanna hear horror stories about freight companies, quotes, and shipping a 26.5 foot long mast across country? Call me, let's talk. I finally found all of it, every piece, part, and fastener. It's all here, with extras too. I've done the hardest part. See her through to the finish buoy. QAR has a full complement of sails, sleeps 5 in advertisements (barnacles and bilge water, she'll sleep 3 comfortably, 5 is like packed sardines) This is not a pop top model, is self bailing, has all berth cushions present and in good condition, is a swing keel model with swing up rudder. There is very minimal repair work QAR requires in order to reach 100% but I don't know how to do fiberglass repair. Pictured is the repair needed, a puncture about the width of two stacked dimes, like you'd insert into a vending machine, and roughly the height of a dime too. The puncture is on the starboard side, below the fore porthole and roughly 10" below the waterline. There is a small soft spot roughly, 2" x 2" under the forward port side lifeline stanchion. There is no deck failure a d the deck has no movement, it's solid, but given time and weather, it will become a much bigger issue. That's all she needs, the rest has already been done.
It would likely be more profitable for me to part QAR out but she is and always will be my first mistress, my first vessel and I can't bear to seal for her such a cruel fate. If you want a sturdy, stout, straightforward, forgiving vessel, this Chrysler 22 Sandpiper will serve you very well. Trust me, there are plenty of models you could do much, much worse with.
The trailer I cannot sell but I will give you the factory original Chrysler Sandpiper cradle that I have. It's basically a trailer without a tongue or axles. I will help move, arrange, splash, or deliver QAR but transferring ownership, keeping, or buying the trailer is not a negotiable part of this arrangement. There is no outboard motor to offer along with the sale of QAR.
As you can tell, I love this boat, I don't want to let her go, but in the vessel's best interest, to ensure peace and harmony among the souls under this roof, and to prevent me from simply being a hoarder, it's time I bid her a fond but firm farewell. I've had to force myself to face the fact and admit that this sailboat is simply too big for me to launch, haul, step and unstep the mast by myself. She needs a couple or a family that can splash her, set her up, and enjoy her together. Wanna go sailing aboard your new sailboat, on my previously spent dime and my already spent time? I'll consider any reasonable offers. Please don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions about this vessel, her condition, associated gear, manuals, etc. I'm trying to figure out how to post photos here and I hope and expect to have them up directly. In the meantime, I have photos in Photobucket, linked to my signature but they aren't current. If I'm unsuccessful in posting photos here, I'll update my Photobucket album and edit this ad to reflect that fact. Thank you for your interest.
EDIT: I just posted six or seven photos in my bucket on Photobucket. They're in the album that shows my Chrysler Sailors forum avatar.


Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 9:53 am
by Mike22
Do you still have your boat? I may be interested depending on how much work in needed and coordinating the transport. I live just west of ATL near Dallas.


Posted: Sat Aug 12, 2017 6:01 pm
by queenannesrevenge
Hi Mike22, yes i still have her and, coincidentally enough, I'm in Dallas too. I'll email you now with my phone number so i can answer any questions you may have and to set up a time for you to come and inspect the boat with your own eyes if you'd like. Thank you, Kurt.