Lessons Learned-Handling

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Lessons Learned-Handling

Postby DizzyG78 » Wed Dec 20, 2017 12:04 pm

So, when I first obtained Lady Anne, I went around looking for any advice from 'Old Salts' regarding what to expect from her in ways of handling. At that point, I had significant power vessel experience and some sailing time in smaller, racing boats...but hadn't crewed anything larger than a 15' sailboat in two decades. For the benefit of other novices like myself...here's some "lessons learned" in regards to how the Chrysler 22 handles.

My first take was that with the keel all the way up, the Sandpiper is a little "soft"; by that, I mean that she seems to roll pretty easy past about 15 degrees off level, but seems to "lock in" somewhere around 20 degrees or so. If you're new (like me) and not expecting it...it can be a little intimidating at first. With the keel about 60 degrees deployed, she is much more stable, but still a very different experience from a powerboat.

I was surprised that the boat turns very quickly on the rudder...the only time I ever need to "steer" with the motor is when backing away, and only then because I'm not going fast enough to maintain steerage way. The tiller needs to be checked to make sure it isn't "loose" on the post, or you'll find yourself pulling hard and wondering why she won't respond :)

The boat seems to lose steerage way at around 1.5 kts. I found this out the "hard way" while coming into the inlet with the sails down/bagged. The wind was at about 5 kts or less, and I was no. 3 for the approach with two fishing boats and a pontoon ahead. I slowed to allow them to get interval (because I like to approach the slip VERY slow) and was reading about 1.7 kts when the wind off the STBD bow kicked up to about 15 kts suddenly. The boat took off to PRT like she was under sail, and I went about 200 yrds towards the shallows without being able to get power-on fast enough to counteract. I had to go to about 1/5 power to snatch control back, after diving into the hatch to raise the keel a few more clicks as I entered about 2' of water on the shoals. I "bumped" slightly, but not having the snubber engaged, and still under 2 kts...I didn't do any damage to the keel, pin, or brackets.

In general, my 22 seems to react energetically to winds above 10 kts...it's very hard to hold course, under power (without making turns for hull speed) in anything approaching that, so I try to plan coming in/out of dock around lulls.

As I'm almost always single-handed, I rigged up a "gaff" with a hook on one end and a loop on the other...this allows me to raise/lower the rudder (with the hook, as I screwed an eye into the top/back of the blade) and snag the cleats on the dock (with the loop). Most times, when coming in, I set just enough power to creep straight at about 1 kts or less, about ten feet from the slip. Standing on the bow, I can grab a cleat, and haul her in without worrying about hitting the dock or my neighbor's new Mac 26.

On light days when raising the sail would just look "pretty", I can set about 2.5-3 kts, lock down the tiller, and walk around...pretty neat slowly trolling across the lake while sitting in the bow pulpit.
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