Sailing Opportunity in UK

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Sailing Opportunity in UK

Post by AndrewLibberton »

Hi everyone, as someone new to sailing and owning a Chrysler 22 I would like to thank you all for the great posts on this page. Even though many of them are old they are still valuable. As a thank you I would like to invite any group member who may be visiting the UK to message me and we will show you some hospitality and a tour of our docks and maybe some sailing , weather etc permitting.
Also it would be good to know of any C22 owners based in the UK. Best wishes
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Re: Sailing Opportunity in UK

Post by Lllleo »

That's almost a good enough excuse to come to the UK by itself! Could I convince you to sail it over to the colonies, up the Hudson, and over to Lake Michigan so I can save on airfare?
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