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Thanks for keeping this forum going

Postby Gary w/C26 & LS13 » Sat Nov 27, 2021 7:25 pm

I’m the owner of two Chysler sailboats. I completely restored a Lone Star 13 about 25 years ago and I’ve still got it. Unfortunately it’s overdue for a new paint job. Back in 1997 I acquired a C26, hull only. It was suffering from hull blisters. I built a boat shed over it and ground out all the blisters. Just before I could start the repairs I had to transfer to another city. Life went on and that boat has been patiently waiting for me to save her. Now retired, I’ve found a complete mast and all the standing rigging from another C26. I’m really enjoying finally working on this boat. To my knowledge it’s never had a name. I thinking of calling her “Time Machine”. She has transported back twenty four years, repairing blisters on her bottom. This forum is a gold mine for information. Too bad a lot of links are gone.

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