Starwind 22 Incoming Water

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Starwind 22 Incoming Water

Postby Copperbird » Mon Aug 05, 2019 1:15 pm

New member here with novice questions for anyone who might care to help.
I recently purchased a Starwind 22 and upon it's float test I discovered water coming into the bilge from somewhere forward of the bilge in the salon. The water came in quite quickly I imagine it would fill a 16 oz drinking glass in a matter of 3-4 seconds. I immediately took a 5 second video of the bilge with water coming in then closed it up and put it back on the trailer while I still could, floating the boat for no more than 2 minutes or so. After pulling the trailer out I thought I observed all of the water that had flooded it come cascading out through the keel although the bilge now has more water in it than it did before the float test so that may not be the case.
The boat has been sitting outside uncovered for years but the PO owner assures me it was operational when it was last used.
Before I go through the trouble of taking the boat off of the trailer I'm hoping to exhaust all other possibilities. Any ideas of things to check out first?

Possible culprits:
Anchor locker
At a glance I didn't notice a drain in there, perhaps I need to look again. The cubby under the v berth looked enclosed as well without any openings inside.
Cockpit drain/plug
Aft of the cockpit are two 3-4" diagonal drains that appear to drain into the water, am I assuming correctly this is the case or am I missing drain plugs in the cockpit?
Sink drain
This should be draining above the water line and not possibly be the culprit after being freshly lowered into the water.
I feel obliged to consider there may be something wrong with the swing keel but if I observed the water coming into bilge from forward of the pivot pin doesn't this mean the water is getting in somewhere else?

I appreciate any help in advance!

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