Ahoy! Just bought a Sandpiper!

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Ahoy! Just bought a Sandpiper!

Postby IndigoWendigo » Wed Aug 31, 2016 4:21 am

Hello forum! My wife and I recently sold our nacra cat and got a better overnight boat, a 1977 Chrysler 22. It's a beauty, a real looker in that Herreshoff tradition. The boat was in great shape for the price, the trailer not so much, but some new tires and a new 2500 lb winch we got that bad boy up out of the lake that it had been floating around for decades. The original owner was still at the marina we bought it from, even though it had passed through 4 owners before us, and I get the feeling the mast hadn't been unstepped since '77.
We took her out on a shakedown before we trailered her home. Finally got the motor running, shook out the sails, and tested everything but the portapotty. Saved that one for next time, we already had enough to mess with. We had a great night at anchor, slept well thanks to the anchor alarm I downloaded to my phone, and are very happy with our purchase. The Sandpiper seems to hit a sweet spot right in between too small to be comfortable and too big to tow, which is why we chose it. Plus, no offense to all the Catalina owners, but she's about the prettiest 22 design around.
We ran into a few issues that I have some questions about:
1. The rudder pulls up easily with the ropes, but wouldn't go down easily unless we pushed down on the rudder edge with an oar to get it going. Is that typical?
2. The outboard is the original, I believe. There's a red button on it. Is that an electric start, and if so, where's the battery?
3. Our mainsail is pretty ragged. I've sailed with some old sails in my time, but this one is about done. Do you have any luck finding original sails in good condition, or do you commission new sails, and if so, from who and how much?
I guess that's about it actually. The boat is surprisingly free from issues. I had read they were kinda built like a tank, and this one seems to confirm that opinion. Thanks for any suggestions.

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Welcome aboard!

Postby C22Bob » Wed Aug 31, 2016 7:28 am

You've come to the right place! You'll find tons of information here. Couldn't agree more that the C22 is the best looking cruiser of that era. No Catalina, MacGregor, O'Day, Hunter, etc., etc.. can come close in not only looks, but construction!

I'm in the process now of redesigning my rudder to a hand crank-able design. I've never been fond of that rope business. Probably the only thing on the boat that is less than perfect. I'll be posting pix very soon on the new design if you're interested in going that route.

Perhaps others will have ideas on your sail and outboard questions


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Postby EmergencyExit » Wed Aug 31, 2016 8:45 am

Welcome Aboard !

Yes, the rudder setup is a pain, even when all is smooth between the lines, the rollers, and inside the cheeks, its an odd angle to get any force going.

If the motor is one of the OEM Chrysler Sailors, and is electric they'll be a couple of good sizes wires exiting the motor just below the starter button. In the old stock setup those run directly to the battery. Likely that may have been changed over the years tho.

Sails will likely come from a loft - my running joke is that the sole source for most Chrysler sailboat parts is another Chrysler - although IdaSailor has replacement tiller/rudders.

You're going to love that boat..

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Postby jsa » Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:05 pm

I'm a fellow cat guy that has recently moved up to the joys of a larger monohull. We've still got the Hobie, but the 22 gets the most attention these days. I practically have to beg my wife to get on the cat now.

We got ours around the first of July. We fell in love with it instantly because of the lines. It does have that classic design, and the fact that it is a Herreshoff design gives it even more creek cred. The lake/club I sail on is only suited to swing keels or centerboards, so most are in the 19-24 ft range. Everyone compliments the C22. The Catalinas always say, "Man, I wish my deck was like that... it would give us so much more room." Not to mention it is so comfy to walk on. You can just glide to the bow.

I hope you find the same enjoyment my wife and I have found with ours. She sails like a dream, keeps you comfy, and rocks you to sleep.

We are in the same boat as you as far as the mainsail. It is obviously blown and needs to be replaced for safety if nothing else. However, we busted out the 150 Genoa that came with the boat in some light stuff a few days ago and it is super crisp. It came with a 130 and 150. I'd like to get one that is a tad smaller still. Though she moved along surprisingly well in wind I would normally not have even considered with that 150. Let me know if you find a good loft.

Everyone keep your finger crossed for me. Our girl is riding out her first Tropical Storm on the mooring tomorrow in Eastern NC.

Welcome Aboard, IndigoWendigo!

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Postby astrorad » Sun Sep 04, 2016 1:05 pm

Welcome Indigo Wendigo. The story " The Wendigo" was always a favorite when I was a young child...they even did a TV black and white version many years ago.

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Postby CaptainScott » Mon Sep 19, 2016 7:37 am

Welcome to the forum!
Yup! Another ex cat boat owner here! We had an 18' solcat for years! Loved that boat!

The suggestions cleaning the rudder cheeks are all great and well worth the effort!

One thing we did to help was to add little handles on the lines that lower and raise the rudder! When my hands are cold and wet it is hard enough to pull any lines let alone the rudder! LOL!

Also make sure the rudder stays down! the tiller should be smooth and easy! if it starts getting hard to steer, check the down line! :)


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