bottom paint and barrier coat issue

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bottom paint and barrier coat issue

Postby dennyzen » Mon Jun 06, 2005 6:54 pm

How come no body worries about bottom blisters in the Chrysler 22
(1979?) And what should I do with my partial barrier coat?

I've been scrapping what I know to be over 10 years of bottom coat,
and I ran into a barrier coat--I'm guessing it's epoxy. The prior
owner recalls having blisters filled in '86 and this barrier coat
placed on it. In some places it is adherent and thick and others it
doesn't seem to exist. It is gray-blue on the surface and white
underneath and in someplaces it seems to have a layer of yellowing.
It appears that there is white fiberglass underneath. There are
places that I can peel it off with my fingers or scrap it up to
where it seems adherent. It is adherent to about 60$ of the bottom
surface. About

Some of the blisters (small moon shaped gouges really, they are) are
filed with a pinking "plasticized feeling" putty and one person
thought some had "Bondo", many are unfilled--putty either came out
while I was scraping or wasn't there--possibly new.

What should I do before putting on my ablative anti-fouling?

I've had lots of suggestions--Marine-Tex or West Systems in the
gouges. I have some tell me to take the barrier all down--I know
Interstrip 299 will do it, but it means another round of scrapping.
Others say just patch the barrier coat where it peeled with and
epoxy paint (ala Casey). My neighbor is going the whole route and
putting Interlux Barrier per manufacturers suggestions. ?

Since no one on this or the other board seem worried, I'm tempted to
just put on the anti fouling and get wet!

But this is the last time I will be this close to the gelcoat, so
part of me wants to do it right? Argh!! (my best pirate lament

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