Large Deck Repair / New Member Introduction

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Large Deck Repair / New Member Introduction

Postby petrasoleil » Mon Jun 27, 2016 8:29 am

Hi everyone - I'm so glad to have found this forum! Here's the quick version of our story... myself, my boyfriend and his brother have caught the sailing bug, and having never met a project we didn't like, came across a 1977 C26 for sale in our area (far Northern CA), and picked it up.
The main problem we're tackling before getting her on the water is the bow deck. From what I can tell (scouring the internet for pictures of other C26's) it appears that a previous owner decided to hack off the nose to put in a window. The work was either done poorly, or years of wear finally caused it to fail, as there was extensive water accumulation and damage in the v-berth area. I'll drop in a link to photos below, and would appreciate any input on this repair job. At this point we've ripped out the soggy old deck and window and are getting the area cleaned up to see what we're working with.
As I mentioned, we are very new to sailing, but have a fair amount of skill in construction, along with a heavy helping of optimism. We're using Don Casey's "This Old Boat" as reference, but input from people who actually own this boat would be priceless. I'm looking forward to utilizing this forum - humble about our limited knowledge, but very eager to learn! Thanks in advance!

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Postby EmergencyExit » Tue Jun 28, 2016 5:10 am

Welcome aboard ! At first look I thought it had to be a 79 with the bump up,not flat foredeck. But somebody turned it into one by chopping the fore deck and dropping it like a 79?

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