Cabin floor repair what to do???

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Cabin floor repair what to do???

Postby sotaboat » Wed Jul 27, 2016 6:28 am

I am in the initial stage of refitting the interior of a c26. The carpet had been removed prior to us purchasing and a neglected toe rail leak from the prior own resulted in repeated water on the floor. It appears that there has been some prior attempt at using epoxy in some spots but in general we have a rough uneven floor with wood exposed in places. My thought was to get it dried, use penetrating epoxy ( wood isn't soft but it's been wet), my question to everyone is what's the best method to level/smooth out the floor? Do I use penetrating epoxy then glass the wood area then use epoxy like a self leveler??? Ultimately the entire interior is being painted and the floor will be either plasteak or grip painted but we need a good surface first.

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