Help getting water out of my hull

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Help getting water out of my hull

Postby Richo » Sun May 12, 2019 2:49 pm

Hello everybody. I’m finely starting to work on my new C22, well new to me. Haha. I found an access
Hole under the sliding galley today and some water in the hull under the sole. I siphoned out what I could but there’s a stringer in my way to get the rest. Any advice on getting the water out of the hull? I know nothing about boats. This is my first one. I figure there’s no better way to learn that first hand. :shock: My thoughts are to lower or raise the tongue of the trailer with a car jack so all the water runs to one end of the boat and then cut an acsess hole in the sole to siphon it out. Do you guys see a problem with this? Is there any horizontal stringers or foam that would stop all the water from flowing to one end? Also I crawled back to look in the coffin and I didn’t see a bilge. Do this boats not have one?

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