C26 Rigging pictures

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C26 Rigging pictures

Postby Highwinds » Mon May 18, 2020 5:26 am

Hi all,

Finally launched our new to us C26 last weekend and took her out for a sail yesterday. Purchased the boat last spring, but was never able to get her in the water. Was pleasantly surprised how nicely the boat sailed in a 8 to 10 mph breeze, moved right along with some old sails on.

Watch "Chrysler 26 maiden sail May 2020" on YouTube

Would anyone be able to post (or point me to some) pictures that show how the mainsheet and jib sheets are rigged at the cockpit? Mainsheet I believe is rigged with original blocks / cleat, and seems to be a lot to be desired. Genoa sheets don't seem right coming into the cockpit and around the winches the way I had it set up. I think I am missing some blocks on the on the rail.

I have looked at all the original documentation, but not very helpful. A few kinks to work out on the outhaul, vang, sheeets, etc. but so far, so good!

Thanks for any images or descriptions.


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