Chrysler 26 eBay listing and some interesting structural information

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Chrysler 26 eBay listing and some interesting structural information

Postby brigadoon » Wed Aug 29, 2018 3:30 pm

Just saw a really nice looking 26 for sale in Hollywood Fla on eBay it has a trailer and looks to be in great condition. If anyone is looking for one this might be worth having it delivered as the currant bid is jus 305.00 . On another note my wife and I just returned from our trip to Sequim Wa . We had planned some cruising but due to my wife breaking a leg that was put on hold until next season however ; while we were there I did get to do a little work on the Chrysler. One project was to enlarge the opening for the outboard in order to be able to tilt up and lock in place our merc 9.9 four stroke. I saw my friends boat had been modified in this way and had since then made several crossings to the Bahamas so decided to do the same.
To accomplish this I loosened the top and two screws down the side of the trim which allowed me to pry the reinfocement out enough to cut the top horizontal off I then cut the opening all the way up to the rub rail then across just under the rub rail. I took the top cut off from the trim piece and used it to temporarily trim the edges of the cut up to the bottom of the rub rail. I can now raise and lower the outboard when needed. The opening does not seem to be causing any observable weakness when I try to move the edges of the opening.

The cut out piece shows the transom to be between 3/8 and 1/2 in thick.
Immediately above the opening there is a piece of 1 1/2 in plywood approx 2in high by the width of the opening glassed into the inside of the boat with just a single layer of cloth glassed over it. It doesn't seem like it would add much strength the way and location of attachment. If I see any flexing or indication of weakness in the future I'll just glass over the opening and add a motor mount . Oh and by the way there was no wood core in the transome , just solid layup. While I was replacing the ladder after repairing a broken hinge I noticed a place on the underside of the cockpit where the previous owner had gouged through the ceiling of the coffin berth . It appears that the deck of the cockpit and presumably the entire deck is cored honeycomb. I hope some of this information eventually is helpful.

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Re: Chrysler 26 eBay listing and some interesting structural information

Postby EmergencyExit » Fri Aug 31, 2018 12:29 pm

its listed as a 79, but the bullet foredeck looks to be a 77 or 78 model. Still a nice boat tho.

I found several areas on EE's cabin top that were honeycomb as well, around the portlights, and the area in front of the forehatch for sure.

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