boat set with water in it for a while

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boat set with water in it for a while

Postby gerald » Sat May 25, 2019 8:07 pm

Just bought a 16ft LoneStar it had set for sometime with a bunch of water inside the boat so the floor completely rotted out, got all of the floor taken out. There is a type of foam under it that is water logged, I raised it up as high as I could to try to get the foam to dry out, the top inch dried but it was still heavy. I put it in the water and it leaked really bad so I got a sump pump used a drill battery to operate the pump. I did get to sail it, but stayed busy trying to keep the water out. Has anyone every taken all the foam out of one? Was thinking about doing that getting rid of double dagger boards... building a center console. And putting a type of styrofoam that will not water log back in. Advice from anyone, the outside hull looks good ...... the sails are it good shape.

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Re: boat set with water in it for a while

Postby brigadoon » Wed Aug 28, 2019 10:51 am

Hi Gerald,
I’m glad to hear you got to sail your boat. I’ve been a boat mechanic at a marina in Co for a number of years where the docks were set on floats ( commercially produced for the purpose ) . Once foam becomes water logged it generally never dries out. I had blocks of water logged foam that were set out for years that would never float again. Remove the foam entirely and if you feel it is necessary to replace it go find a source for replacement . Home Depot May do with their sheet foam in sheets. For more help post a question on the general discussion board , it will get much better exposure . I hope this helps if you have not corrected the the problem yet. Also removing the foam will make it easier to find and repair the leaks.

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